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About Us will be a collection of autonomous product, service, and information sites that each end with the term lair. The multiple lair endings for the dotcom brands listed below will help provide a memory anchor for each of these brands in the mind of the potential consumers exposed to these sites.

Automotive - The Auto Lair will be an online vehicle sales site for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Clothing - The Wear Lair will sell adult and children's clothing and shoes of all types.

Electronics - The Drone Lair will sell drones of all types from all drone manufacturers. - The Robo Lair will sell robots of all types from all manufacturers.

Farmers - The Farm Lair will sell tractors and farm equipment of all types. This site will also act as a farmers magazine and almanac.

Home - The Appliance Lair will sell washers, dryers, televisions, refrigerators, and related items. - The Furniture Lair will sell couches, chairs, dining room sets, decor, linens, mattresses, and related items.

Insurance - This site will offer home, auto, travel, and other insurance policies

Liquor - The Liquor Lair will sell beer, wine, and liquor of all types. This site will also provide drink recipes and articles about fine liquors.

Loans - The Loan Lair will offer home, auto, and other types of loans.

Magazines - The Luxury Lair will profile real estate, cars, yachts, and lifestyles of the affluent. This future online magazine will act as a lead-in and feature advertising for, an online luxury goods sale site.

Office - The Office Lair will sell all manner of office and school supplies.

Prescriptions - The Drug Lair will be an online pharmacy.

Real Estate - This site will profile real estate for sale from across the world.

Travel - The Fare Lair will be a flight, hotel, and cruise reservation site.

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